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Remotr Streamer is a program to stream any video game installed on your PC using your Android, iPhone, or Windows Phone as a controller. All you need to do is install this following official app onto the device you'll be using. And obviously, you'll need a decent WiFi connection.

Utilizar Remotr Streamer is very simple. As soon as you open the program, it'll automatically scan and detect all the video games installed on your computer. If you're missing a video game, all you'll need to do is add it manually using Windows explorer. With this method you'll even be able to add other programs.

Right when you connect your device to your system, you'll notice a signal in the lower right corner. When starting a game from a tablet or smartphone, it'll also start to run on your PC. But you can choose to play from either your phone or your desktop computer, directly. Controller options are fairly open so you can choose from several different features: touch, mouse emulator, via bluetooth control, etc.

You can't use the Remotr app without installing Remotr Streamer so it's really a must-have client, but once you have everything set up, you'll be able to play any Windows video game from the comfort of your Android or iOS phone. In few words, this is a very useful app.
Play streamed PC games on Android with Remotr

A major drag when streaming video games is the amount of lag-time involved when transmitting your commands to the game and getting a response signal. When it comes to streaming games to Android, currently the top-tier software is GameStream by NVIDIA, despite the fact that it's obviously severely limited to very exact hardware specs. Beyond those borders, there's tons of other alternatives like Splashtop, but only a few of them are not only free, but also exclusively geared towards gaming such as the case in Remotr
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